Ngayku Bubu


“My country, the Kuku Yalanji country is family, culture and identity. The trees of the rainforest, the rocks of the river beds and the reefs of the sea, were all formed by our Ancestors who continue to live in land, water & sky.

It is filled with connections of human, wildlife and plants, all speaking language and following lore. Country is loved and cared for, and country loves and cares for her people in turn. Country is self.”

Juan Walker - Walkabout Cultural Adventures

KUKU yalanjI

KuKu: To Speak 
Yalanji: The Language

  • Land – Bubu
  • Sea – Jalun
  • Mountains – Manjal
  • Rainforest – Madja
  • Sky – Jiri
  • Trees – Juku
  • Rivers – Wawubaja
  • Reef – Dulngku
  • Star – Dawar
  • Freshwater – Bana